A New Start

Tiny Bird and Feathers

Here it is, the first post of my brand spanking new blog. So naturally I’m afraid I’m going to mess it up. There’s a reason I have so many blank journals and canvases lying around. Putting that mark on a new surface is intimidating.

I’ll start by telling how I got here. A couple of years ago I was preparing to return to work in graphic design, after a rewarding career as a stay-home mom (and sometime floral designer). I’d been taking classes to update my skills and had just landed an internship in a design studio and a part time job tutoring on campus. The day after I started my internship, I learned I had breast cancer.

Figuring that was a few too many balls in the air, I left the internship and tutoring job behind, and turned all my attention to my recovery. And part of my recovery was to do whatever I wanted, at least creatively speaking.

That led to lots of hours experimenting with shapes and colors, joining in on illustration challenges, doing occasional freelance jobs, and creating lots of new illustrations. The illustration above is the first one I submitted to an online weekly illustration challenge. It was springtime, a good time for new beginnings.

So what comes next? Who knows. But I’ll be sure to blog about it when it happens.


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