Treat! Cookie Box


Here’s a last minute entry I created for a fun cookie box design contest on Where Women Create. Besides enjoying the wide range of styles and techniques that went into all the wonderful entries, I love the creativity the organizers put into styling all the photos! I would’ve loved to participate in that part, too (including sampling the treats, obviously). For some pretty art (and goodies) to drool over, check out the rest of the entries! (Photo: Where Women Create).


Sweet Treat Guinea Pig Ad

Saldivar Ad Guinea Pig

I just updated my ad for the Illustrators for Hire section over at They Draw and Cook. The background for my sweet-toothed guinea pig illustration was originally a steely grey (see it in my SomePlum shop here), but I thought for this application, raspberry was more…well, appetizing.

If you haven’t discovered They Draw and Cook, I recommend checking it out. You’ll find plenty of art and culinary inspiration, all in one place! Warning: you may get a little hungry, but you might also feel inspired to dive into your art supplies and illustrate your favorite treat. I’m reminded that it’s been a while since I created some fun foodie illustrations – just one more thing that’s been on my to-do list.

You can check out my recipe collection on They Draw and Cook here.

Mousse the Hedgehog


While going through images to upload to my portfolio, I came across this fun character I created a while ago. Meet Mousse, a prickly little fellow with a decidedly un-prickly disposition. He might have a bit of a sweet tooth. Filled with joyous exuberance, Mousse greets most things with great enthusiasm. Unless you try to take his treats away.

I haven’t yet decided what I’ll be doing with him. I originally created the character for a sticker design competition, but I can imagine he might appear on a series of t-shirt or card designs. Or maybe there’s a story here. If I come up with a brilliant idea for him, I’ll take a lesson from Mousse and be careful not to spill the (jelly) beans.