Color Palette: Pastry Case


I snapped this picture while in Mexico City for the holidays, at a bakery in Frida Kahlo’s  neighborhood of Coyoacán. I love how the palette reflects the colors of the neighborhood, as well as Kahlo’s art, which no doubt was influenced by her surroundings. This color scheme brings to mind things like big bowls of fruit, lush gardens, and Kahlo’s floral crowns. I loved strolling around and browsing the markets in this colorful part of the city. My only regret is we had a plane to catch, and didn’t have time to come back to the bakery to sample the wares!


Color Palette: Doe Eyes


Here’s a picture I took while on vacation in the Central Coast. I put birdseed out, hoping to get some bird photos, and this lovely creature crept into the yard to help herself to it. She returned soon after with her two babies and a few more deer. The birds managed to find the leftovers, so I did get a few pictures of them too.

The color scheme inspired from this shot reminds me of walks in the woods, campfires, quick pencil sketches, or maybe a batch of s’mores.

Hmm. I could really go for a toasted marshmallow right now.

Color Palette: Sea Treasure


This color inspiration comes from my favorite place to comb for treasures. Funny how the colors of the sea and shore are reflected in pieces that didn’t originate there. They represent both careless waste and a carefree attitude. Trash to treasure.

I like to keep these shades near me. My house is decorated with the colors of the beach. No matter that I live twenty miles inland; I’m more of a shore bird at heart. If I could fly, I’d be able to spot all the best treasures on the sand from above. And after that, of course, I’d come after your sandwich.

Color Palette: Palamino


Here’s another color inspiration, straight from the horse’s…well, face. This is a photo I took of one of the sweet ponies at a therapeutic riding center where I sometimes help out with lessons. Who wouldn’t love these warm, subtle shades? For me they conjure up images of furry woodland creatures (like the fox in my previous post), warm drinks, yummy mushroom recipes, or lovely skin tones. An all brown color scheme would definitely be an interesting challenge. Here’s my (almost) all brown illustrated mushroom recipe on They Draw and Cook.

Color Palette: Desert Cactus


I’m always drawn to artwork with interesting color schemes, but I find it challenging to come up with them. I started looking for inspiration in some of my photos. Often the results are surprising; the colors that spring up with my eyedropper selections aren’t always the ones my brain tells me are there. Unless I’m thinking about a holiday illustration, a red and green theme wouldn’t be the first thing I’d consider. These hues bring to mind things like watermelon, tropical gardens…or maybe a berry-loving turtle (of which I’ve known a few).